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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 9)

Below is Chapter 9 to my book, The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers. I was planning on uploading it yesterday because it was Halloween and the chapter title is “All Hallows Eve,” but today is just as good. Anyway, this should be the start of regular uploads of the book until I post every chapter. I suggest you go back and read the previous chapters because it’s been such a long time since I posted a chapter. This is a long post (about 14 word document pages single spaced). Without further adieu I present to you “Chapter 9: All Hallows Eve” of The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers 

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Death is the only mystery humanity will never uncover, death is the only mystery humanity will never solve. For death is not simply the end of life, it is so much more, it is a complex state of being that occurs when a corporiel form finally gives way. Death, is a realm no living beings venture to and tell about afterwards. Death is, only the beginning. Humanity believes that there are only two states upon which a living being can exist, alive and dead, but this is so much furtehr from the truth. There is a state of being somewhere between alive and dead, somewhere in the dark abyss of the unknown upon which an imprint, a shadow of a former soul can exist. The thing is, death is not the end all be all, rather it is just another plain of existance. Death isn’t the fire going out, nor is it the end of the story, some times on rare occasions, with unusual circumstances it can be where the story begins…
The only paragraph ofThe Knower Chronicles Vol II: The Restless’s “Prologue: It Starts with a Death”

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I don’t like uh oh, not one bit. Uh oh’s are never good. Never ever good. I’ve never heard an uh oh followed by something good. It’s always ‘Uh oh I lost the map,’ ‘Uh oh we ran out of gas,’ or ‘Uh oh I’m locked out,’ it is never ‘Uh oh I have candy’ or ‘Uh oh here’s cheesecake.’ Uh oh’s suck.
Jimmy Piccoli (The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers) Chapter 15, “The Phantasm of Young Master Spectre”

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Nathaniel Spectre, a 13 year old boy discovers that he has a gift. This leads him and his friends to discover a magical world hidden in plain sight. They must confront an evil witch with great power. Can Nate and his friend save the world? Join Nate and his friends on their first adventure as Knowers and uncover the truth about our world in The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers.

Read the first half of the book here.

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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 7)

Finally, the long awaited Chapter 7 of my book TKC Vol I: The Knowers. I suggest you back and read the previous chapters I posted so that this will make sense. I would like to apologize for the delay in the posting, but I have been busy and extremely lazy, but I will try to post chapters every week. I am currently almost finished with chapter 13 of the book, and it is still my goal to finish the book before the Fourth of July, anyway I look forward to people reading thsi and please feel free to give me feed back on the book. Thanks.

— Timmy Cap

Now that Nate and Stella have teamed up, there are obstacles to face, one of course being the witch, the other being a teenager. Can Nate and Stella find a way to defeat a powerful witch?

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Update on The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (3/26/12)

Pages: 166 single spaced 12 font

chapters: 13

paragraphs: 1,966

words: 104,264

characters (with spaces): 551,389


It took too damn long to write those 9 pages for chapter 13, but it is my own fault, I get distracted so easily that it takes about 3 months just to write a chapter, there was a time I could knock out a chapter in one afternoon. Anyway the book is kind of where I want it to be, it is a first draft. I know exactly where I need to fix things, but I’m not really worried about such corrections at this stage, I also know where I want chapters 14-16 to go and I’m fairly confident in my character development for the main characters. To be honest I am happy with how this book is turning out, I also just want to skip all of the books and just start Vol VI because the characters are much older and closer to my age, but if I do that I’ll never finish the first five volumes of TKC.

Just a reminder that chapter 7 “How to Catch a Witch” will be posted this Friday at 12:00pm EST so people can finally continue reading the book.

Quick question: Have any of my followers even read the six chapters that I have already posted?

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The Knower Chronicles Vol V: The First Demon (Nate's and Stella's argument)

You are the most magnanimously unforgiving person I know!
That doesn't even make sense.
It makes enough sense to be true about you.
Do you even know what magnanimous means?
Very generous or forgiving, especially toward a rival or someone less powerful than oneself.
Then how can I be magnanimously unforgiving?
Because... you're the biggest oxymoronic human in history!
No matter what I do I can never please you!
Because you are a man, everything you do is stupid.
Well, everything you do never makes any sense.
That's because I am a woman!

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The mind is a very strange thing. man will never understand it, we try, but we will fail. Being that the mind is so uniquely complex and extremely extraordinary it does rather odd things to the person it inhabits. it tells you to do thinks that you don’t want to do, it doesn’t work when you need it to, it works when you want to fall into a deep sleep, and it will fill your head with terrible nightmares. normally these nightmares are just that nightmares, but when these nightmares start coming true even sleep is something you never look forward too. And for Jessica Fortuna sleep was no longer an option.
The Knower Chronicles Vol VIII: The Last of the Angels, Chapter 1, “Fortuna Super Vos”

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look at this bad ass line I just wrote:

“Do not flatter yourself child, I look at your entire race with contempt and the utmost repulsion.  You are not special Nathaniel, in fact you are one of the most ordinary humans I will have the pleasure of killing, and I’ve killed many humans all of which have been very drab,” she smirked her evil ugly smile and giggled the most out of place, bone chilling, extraordinarily hostile girlish laugh. In fact out of all of the girlish laughter Nathaniel had heard over the course of his 13 years he had never heard a laugh this mean and wicked. It was worse than the little giggle that gaggles of guessied up of girls would giggle as they would glide by Nathaniel, he related this to much middle school mockery. 

—- Advena to Nate Spectre from  The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers, Chapter 13 “Even the Best Laid Plans…” page 164.

I didn’t put it as a quote because I wanted to actually talk about it. If you notice it is a great example of character development when the subject isn’t even Nathaniel. The subject is something completely different, but because of the semi-omniscient narration we can see what the laughing is associated to within Nate’s mind. The above quote serves two functions. One is that it shows the reader even more of the antagonist (Advena) here. And two, it further shows what Nate feels his life is like and it shows what type of kid he is. Plus everyone loves alliterations. I was trying to make the reader further understand Nate whilst making it a memorable quote. And yes it is supposed to be a little sexist. When I say “extraordinarily hostile girlish laugh” I actually mean that every girlish giggle that Nate has ever heard has been a hostile one. After all, you remember how cruel children are to each other. I am also implying that this laugh was even more hostile than any girl ever’s ever. Further feeding into the fact that Advena is really fucking evil. 

Why am I taking the time to actually explain the context of a paragraph I wrote? It is simple really. When this book becomes super famous and English teachers want to analysis it in class I want this to go on record that this is what I actually fucking meant. It is clear as day in the paragraph. You need to be a moron to see what I am not talking about, especially when you read the rest of the paragraph, chapter, or book. This is character development not whatever a teacher thinks it is. Seriously, when I’m famous I better not come across any papers about what I actually meant in my book. Because there is no fucking subtext. It is a book for 12-17 year olds, how much subtext could I possibly put in the book? Granted I want them to think while they read, but that will come when they actually read because of the SAT words and the actual philosophical questions and when they read my thoughts , which are clearly on the page about love, life, death, and pretty much everything in the whole of existence. When I write, I do not write for just the readers pure entertainment, I write for the fact that I strongly believe that when you read you should get something out of it. Yes reading is fun, but so is learning and if I can make kids actually try to make sense of the world and not be stupid then I will succeed. And that is how you analyze a passage in a book and not ask what the author “really meant” when he made the curtains blue when he just likes the fucking color blue.

Everything after the read more is a personal rant about writing. I got overly enthused and was really bored and didn’t want to work on my book anymore. Read it if you want, I can’t stop you.

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In life there is good and bad, light and dark, joy and sorrow. That is what life as a human is supposed to be. If you ask anyone if they have ever been sad and they say no… then they haven’t lived life to the fullest. You see, life, ultimately is about the good and bad. It is like a math problem really. You have positive numbers as good and negative numbers as bad. In the end you want to end with zero, or as close to it as possible. The good cancel out the bad, and vic-versa. That is why no matter how sad you get there will always be a time of pure bliss. And that is the best definition of life anyone can ever hope to get.
The Knower Chronicles

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Humans are very complex, so much so in fact that even the genders often misunderstand each other. Women say things that men think mean something when they completely mean something else. Men say things that mean one thing and woman think it means something else.This has caused quiet a many problems for the entire race in the past. Unfortunately, they never learn for the eons of misunderstanding. This is why Nate didn’t know what to do.
The Knower Chronicles

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Nate knew everything there was to know about the supernatural world and the what-not. He had even been able to be the master of his own fear. However now he was facing the most dreadful, scariest, most unbelievable incomprehensible, and utterly confusing thing he had ever faced. Today was the day Nate mustered up the courage to do the bravest thing anyone in the world can do, today he was going to ask Stella out.

The Knower Chronicles Vol IV: The Last of the Vampires, Chapter 6, “Falling in Love and Other Incredibly Brave and Stupid Things”

(Best title I ever thought up!)

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