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I finally have six topics that I will discuss in the six part series about the problems affecting the video game industry.

The topics will include:

  • gender roles in video games
  • sexism
  • over the top violence
  • disinterest in new ideas and the focus on milking titles
  • the consolidation of development houses
  • The push towards online gaming and lose of focus on single player.

This will be a six week series, within each post I will talk about all of the aforementioned topics. I do not promise brevity, but I do promise well thought out articles about what are considered the “Six Biggest Problems in the Gaming Industry.” I can also promise that they all will make you think. So if you like video games and feel that there are indeed many problems facing the gaming industry please read them when they are posted. So instead of having to listen to some doctor of physiology who has never played a video game telling you what is wrong with video games listen to a gamer who loves video games but knows that there are problems. Would you rather listen to someone who hates video games because they saw one child play one game one time and they didn’t like what was on it or would you rather listen to a well educated gamer who has played video games for the majority of his life. 

I can even promise the occasionally joke and pop culture reference.

Timmy Cap Discuss: Problems in the Gaming Industry is part of all new content that will be seen on this blog come February 5th. Be sure to be prepared to have your mind blown.

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