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Time and Space

I’m a Doctor Who fan, in case you didn’t know that already. But this post isn’t about a doctor in a blue box, this is about Space and time themselves. See, for the longest time I thought that time was a linear progression of cause and event that shaped the world around us thus leading us to this exact point in time to thus change further with every action we do. And in the three years of school as a history major I’ve been conditioned to think this way. History is in the past and has shaped our present which will shape our future, and the past, present and future are indeed part of time. But upon reading science fiction novels, watching sci-fi moves and TV shows I believe that time is non-linear.

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A Good Man Goes to War: the Doctor or the Last Centurion?

After reading a post by one of the people I follow (the-eleventh-blog) who posted a great theory about River Song, I realize that her theory makes so much sense. Thus why I reblogged it. 

I began to think about it further. Of course we all watched “A Good Man Goes to War.” And we all saw the Doctor soar higher than ever before and then we saw him sink down lower than ever before. We also found out who River Song really was. At first glace it seems just to be another title relating to the Doctor, but upon further investigation into the show “The Good Man” could be so much more.

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