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Super Cheesy (and rude) Pick-up Lines that I will never use.


“So how much does a guy have to pay you in order to get some sex?”

“If I talk to you, will your hot friend notice me?”

“Does your vagina have time lord technology? Cause you are going to need it.”

“You are pretty, but I only want a woman who can cook and clean.”

“I am talking to you so I can get look at your boobs.”

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Thank You

91 people follow you

So to all of my followers…

So thank you all so much. You have been great. And you make Tumblr such an awesome place. I am just extremely happy right now and last May when i started a Tumblr I never thought that this many people would actually like what I post so thank you to limeblue for being one of my first followers, thank you to fridainthetradis for being cool as shit, thank you to mindtardis, hannahhaley, nathanthenerd, obsessedobsesser, mathra-saurus, burgherinparadise, victorianqueenny, and stranger101danger for having awesome blogs and being cool people and actually talking to me. Thank you to videogameswillkillyou and brayantdrewjones for following me today to give me 91 followers. And thank you to anyone else that I may have forgot. There are a lot of you that made my Time here at Tumblr enjoyable. So here’s to 91 followers, 91 brilliant people, 91 fantastic people, 91 wonderful people, 91 supermegafoxyawesomehot people, 91 funny, witty, superbly clever people, 91 people I want to meet in real life (Taylor just pretend that we don’t know each other, I do), 91 people that I can safely say are some of the most awesome people alive upon this spinning ball in the middle of space on the end of a spiral end of a small galaxy in the middle of an ever expanding universe. So to 91 most awesome people I know thank you.

I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart thank you, you all are beautiful, lovely, gorgeous, flawless, smart, cool, witty, and magnificent.

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30 Days of mass Effect (Day 14)

Favorite Asari

Laira T’soni is my favorite Asari. Just because she is a bad-ass biotic but has a heart of gold . She can rip you apart with her mind but she is really nice. Also she digs history (pun intended). i like girls that like history because I like history. But this was a short one today.

tomorrow: Favorite Salarian

this has been “30 days of Mass Effect" According to Timmy Cap

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The Knower Chronicles Vol V: The First Demon (Nate's and Stella's argument)

You are the most magnanimously unforgiving person I know!
That doesn't even make sense.
It makes enough sense to be true about you.
Do you even know what magnanimous means?
Very generous or forgiving, especially toward a rival or someone less powerful than oneself.
Then how can I be magnanimously unforgiving?
Because... you're the biggest oxymoronic human in history!
No matter what I do I can never please you!
Because you are a man, everything you do is stupid.
Well, everything you do never makes any sense.
That's because I am a woman!

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30 Days of Mass Effect (Day 13)

Favorite Turian

Why is this even a question? Is there even more than one answer to it? Seriously when I think of the entire Turian race I do not think of a “good Turian” or any of the ones that work and live on the Citadel. I think of the coolest, most awesome, best calibrating, and most bad-ass Turian in the Mass Effect galaxy. I am of course referring to Garrus mother fucking Vakarian. If you played the games, then you just know how cool and awesome and how magnanimously unforgiving he can be.  And yes I know that that does not make any sense. You see, I see Male!Shep and Garrus as bros. They’ve been through shit together and they saved the entire galaxy twice and will do it again. I see Fem!Shep and Garrus as not lovers but friends with benefits, they fuck shit up then they fuck. I just like Garrus because he shows us that the best people in a species may not be “perfect” or “normal.” In fact Garrus even says that he is not a good Turian. Turians follow orders even if they are stupid and reckless Garrus has a very humanistic belief system.

You see, to me, Garrus seems to know what is the “right thing to do” and granted he may or may not do. Sure he became a vigilante who ended up having the galaxy’s most powerful mercenary gangs after him. And sure he quit C-Sec because he was tired of having to follow the rules because he is the “good guy.” Garrus doesn’t see himself as a good Turain, however I do. If you recall from when I talked about Saren, Saren was just looking to make the galaxy a better place and got lost a long the way. I see Garrus as trying to do the same thing. Only Garrus didn’t become brain washed by a really old genocidal machine, and he only kills criminals. But the point is, that to me the Turians’ militaristic nature allows them to want to protect the galaxy and Garrus is doing just that.

tomorrow: Favorite Asari 

This has been “30 Days of Mass Effect" According to Timmy Cap.

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30 days of Mass Effect (Day 12)

Favorite human character (other than Shepard)

The one and only Zaeed Massani. I really can’t explain it, he is just a cool ass dude and is a total bad-ass. I just liked having him in my party and I really liked his loyalty mission it played volumes to who Zaeed is. And there really isn’t much else I can say about him.

tomorrow: Favorite Turian.

This has been “30 Days of Mass Effect” According to Timmy Cap

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30 days of Mass Effect (Day 11)

Favorite antagonist

So the Mass Effect galaxy is full of many different characters, good guys, bad guys and everything in-between. That being said I will have you know that I am being asked to pick the best antagonist out of a lot of really well created antagonists. Let’s think about this for a minute shall we? What is Mass Effect about? I mean what is it really? Is it about just saving the galaxy fro pure evil? Or is it about having to choose what is right, making a tough decision because you have you, questioning who you are morally? Personally I like to think that it is the latter, which brings us to the question of the day, who was my favorite antagonist?

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Thoughts about Mass Effect 3’s story:

You know how Shepard sees the kid at the beginning of the game? Well, the fact that he died is very sad and is supposed to draw an emotional response. But you know what I think would have be a very interesting story device. 

The kid can either be a boy or a girl. A boy for MaleShep and girl for FemShep. And the child is introduced the same, but we do not see the child die, instead the child keeps popping up when Shepard is a lone and in places that make you wonder why a child is there but you really don’t think about it.And then towards the end you find out that Shepard is see his/her past self as a scared child, either as a spacer, colonist, or earthborn child. And this is basically because all the shit Shepard has been through makes him/her crazy. 

Or they could just kill the child and make it a ghost that somehow acts as a means to show Shepard what (s)he has done and as a personification of what is at stake. Now that would be a good why to write a story.

Or BioWare could be just using the child’s death as one emotional event that Shepard witnesses after another. But I am really hoping for one of the former.

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I really like the Sentinel class in the Mass Effect Demo. That shotgun is so damn powerful, and those life grenades, so very useful. Combine those bad boys with a shotgun blast or wrap and it does wonders. Also with the tech powers it was so much easier to take care of the atlas at the end. I’m not sure if I like Infiltrator or Sentinel better yet. Today I shall play the other classes and see if I want to change the classes I have my Shepards as.

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Timmy cap’s thoughts on New Girl

I am going on the record: I will go down with Cece/Schmidt. It is my titanic ship. See I know Nick/Jess is going to happen, you can just tell, but I think if Cece/Schmidt does continue forward it will be doomed to fail. Just based solely on the fact that their first time together must be kept secret and especially after how the last episode finished. It was a great episode and once again it showed us why it is good. We know that Jess can’t have a one night stand, it is not in her character, and I knew that Nick and Julia’s date was not going to go according to plan. But this episode took a huge step towards Cece/Schmidt, when Cece and Schmidt were hooking up in his room I was giddy, but when Jess and Cece talked I knew that it will be doomed. But anyway, it is not about the destination, it is a bout getting there and I am sure that it will make for wonderful TV.

FOX I will never say this again, you have a gold mine here. Somehow you actually manged to make a show that I want to watch and is funny and witty. I still hope that this doesn’t end like the last gold mine they had and collapse upon itself mid-season.  

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