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Do ya believe in ghost stories? Do ya believe in the things that go bump in the night? Do ya believe in the things that lurk in the dark shadows and under yer bed? Well, if not ya clearly are the worst Knower ever. Seriously, ya got a full blown ghost right in front of ya. Y’all have to believe in ghosts. How else can you explain a cowboy in such a highfalutin’ establishment such as this. I spose the bullet holes probably give it away that I’m dead. Y’all best git before The Restless come.
The Knower Chronicles Vol II: The Restless, (Wyatt McAllister)

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Yinz guys better read my book, I never ask you for anything, just read the book. Even if it is the last thing you will ever do, you are literally the audience I’m trying to target with this book. Just read it and let me know what you think please.

I will make you cookies if you do okay I won’t really make you cookies, but only because I can’t bake, trust me, it’s better that I don’t make you cookies.

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What humanity forgets is that the monster under your bed may not actually be a monster. Just because someone is scared of you doesn’t make you evil. Take bugs and snakes for example. Loads of people are scared of snakes but they aren’t the spawn of Satan. A monster is a monster because your fear makes it a monster. As long as you hold onto that fear then you’ll always see monsters.
Humans are a fragile species and thusly so have fears, everyone is afraid of something, if they say no then they are lying to you. But humans get scared because it’s a natural response for an uncomfortable situation. Saying that there is something under your bed or in your closet makes a lot of sense to a young child at night because we don’t know what lurks within the shadows. Just remember that the next time you met a monster.

The Knower Chronicles 

I haven’t worked on the novel in a while but this quote just came to me. I think it really sums up part of what I want the series to be able someday.

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Some news about my book series

Death will be represented as a female character because I honestly don’t see the point of always showing Death as some old guy or as a bad thing. A beautiful, funny, smart, female who enjoys her existence to me is what death is, not some old skinny guy with no sense of humor. Because in all honesty even though this is going to sound macabre death can be a beautiful thing if you honestly spend some time to think about it. It is something so beautiful it terrifies you, it’s so beautiful and scary and unknown that we just assume that it is always bad. So yeah death is a woman by the name of Thana because women are so beautiful they scare me. 1000000000 points to whoever can tell me how I came up with the name Thana for Death.    

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There were three things that Nathaniel noticed when he woke up. It was cold when Nathaniel awoke. That was the first thing he noticed. He noticed it because it was an unnatural cold; a cold that shouldn’t have happened. A cold that had no place in the mid May morning. He exhaled and saw his own breath and for a moment he thought he was going to freeze to death. The second thing that he noticed was that it was dark. In fact, it was far to dark outside his window despite it being 11 in the morning. Moreover, it was too dark for nighttime anyway. It was as if someone came around and just extinguished every light in the whole of creation for the direct purpose to see how dark it could actually get. That was when he noticed the third thing. It was quiet, far too quiet for his liking. In retrospect he probably should have noticed how quiet it really was due to the uneasiness it made him feel, but he was far too busy shriving and fumbling around in the dark to notice an absents of sound. It was however that set him on edge. He was fine with a cold and dark world, but a cold, dark, soundless world just sat awkwardly inside him. In his experiences there was always something sinister that lurked in the quiet. In his experience, a cold, dark, quiet world was never good. Perhaps that what could explain his sense of foreboding. He knew that he had to find someone to see what was going on. After putting on two long sleeve shirts, jeans over his blue pajama bottoms, two pairs of soaks, his tennis shoes and spending ten minutes looking for his glasses in the pitch black did he finally feel that he was ready to leave his room. He wrenched the door open and what he saw he almost couldn’t fathom. He was sure that he should see a hallway here, but all that was beyond his door was nothing but a dark emptiness. He hadn’t an idea about what was going on; that was until he heard an all to familiar voice. A voice he associated with great discontent and exasperation. A voice of a being he wished he’d stop meeting.
‘Nathaniel dear it has been far too long since you’ve payed me a visit. I’m glad you could stop by,’ came the mysterious female’s voice.
‘Well, I’ve been busy, you know how it goes saving the world and stuff. Besides, believe it or not I don’t enjoy our meetings Thana.’
‘I’ve missed that sense of humor of your’s.’
‘Well, I can assure you I don’t miss being dead, how did it happen this time?’
The Knower Chronicles

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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers

Nathaniel Spectre was always a normal kid, that was until his 13th birthday. Turns out he’s kind of a hero. Will he answer to the call of his destiny and save the world? Will defend the realm of humanity against the forces of evil like his forefathers? Or will he turn away and pretend that he can not save the world? The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers is the first book in a ten part fantasy series. The debut novel for young writer T. James Capuano looks to captivate its readers and bring them into the world it creates. It has adventure, love, an epic good vs. evil fight scene, and even witty repartee from loveable characters. This book may only be in its first draft but it will be good.

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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 15)

This is chapter 15 of my book. And This is my second attempt at posting this because Tumblr decided that it would want to crash when I was almost done. I had a really good summery here and I was really happy with it and everything, but Tumblr decided to be a dick, anyway read it below.


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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 14)

Below the break is chapter 14 of my book. At this point I’m assuming if you’re actually reading these you know the title of the book. If this is the first one you’re reading, um… you know there are other posts that you should probably read before this one right? Also I would like to point out that this is merely a first draft so if you seem a lot of typos and it just sucks please remember that I am still working on it and it is far from done. Anyway, please read this and all other chapters I post from my book all of which can be found on my blog. I hope you enjoy.


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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 13)

Below the break is chapter 13 of my book, The Knower Chornicles Vol I: The Knowers, things really start heating up for our trio of teenaged heroes. Nathaniel takes charge in this chapter and a ton of other stuff happen too. Please read it and let me know what you think.

Enjoy, Timmy Cap

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The war between good and evil has lasted longer than any war on Earth, and was even fought when humanity was just two people frolicking in a garden. The war between good and evil transcends the mortal plane. The war between good and evil has affected many beings. There is a reason you don’t see angels everyday.
opening paragraph of The Knower Chronicles Vol VIII: The Last of the Angels 

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