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People often compare their love to Romeo and Juliet, but to me that is so fucking stupid, why the fuck am I gonna compare my love to two teenagers that killed themselves because they’d rather die they be apart? That is not love, love is giving your whole body, mind, and soul to someone. Love is pain, love is torment, love is passion. Love is not a suicide pact, nor secret trysts that last only a few months. Love knows no bounds, nor restraints. Love knows no time limit nor age requirements. Love is simply love. And when you love someone you know. You know by that funny feeling in your gut when you think about them. You know it when all you want to do is just spend time with them. You know it when the only thing that you care about is them. When you just want them to be happy, even if it’s not with you. Because love is not self-serving, love is not a selfish emotion. Being in love is the most selfless thing a person can be, and that’s where the beauty in the word lies.
T. James Capuano (some book that will probably never be written)

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There are many ways that people try to describe love. Sure, it can be giving your life for someone, sure it can be wanting them to be as happy no matter what, but honestly, love is sharing your food with someone. If you don’t get upset when they eat your food, well I can assure you that, that my friend is true honest to goodness love.
T. James Capuano

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It started with a smile
such a great smile.
When she smile I knew,
I knew that it would only be a matter of time
before I fell in love.
I fell hard and quick
So fast I thought I’d be sick,
I fell so fast I hoped she’d catch me.
I fell through the floor,
down a hole all the way to China.
And then she caught me
and smiled.
She smiled as if it was perfectly normal
and not weird to fall that far through Love.
And then we talked and laughed it off
we stayed up late watching movies,
we spent whole nights just talking.
We both fell and we both caught each other.
Then one day I asked for her hand.
After several months we had a quaint ceremony
at a small chruch in the country.
Tears of joy we shed and fed each other cake.
We never left the hotel room on our honeymoon.
9 months later our son was born.
We became a family.
We moved to a small 4 bedroom house
with a white picket fence in a nice neighborhood
with great schools.
3 years later our daughter was born.
She looked just like her mother.
We my daughter was 3 we got a puppy.
I cried on both of my kids’ first day of school.
I cried when he got a football scholarship to a good school.
I cried when she became prom queen.
I cried when they graduated high school
I was so proud when they graduated college.
I gave her away at her wedding and danced with my wife.
I spent many nights playing with my grandkids.
I grew old.
I got sick.
Then one day I closed my eyes one finsl time.
When I woke up I was 23 years old and it all was a dream.

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Live for today, not yesterday,
live in the moment, not the past.
Live for the magic of the present,
just make memories that’ll last.
Hold onto the ones you love,
because this life we live happens so fast.
Never say that you can’t,
cause then the abyss will be quite vast.
Just live your life
Just be happy,
cause before you know it, it’ll end.
So write a great story, movie or book.
And write it so it’ll always last.

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Many writers having taken it upon themselves to attempt, unsuccessfully, to describe love through the written word. All of their attempts have been in vain. Because, the thing about love is that it is such a complex feeling, emotion, or whatever it is that it can’t simply be described in a single passage in a book. Many a philosopher have spent their entire lives trying to understand what love is and the best way to describe it to someone. Love is… for the most part very confusing. It’s like being happy all the time, yet so nervous you’re afraid you’ll vomit. It’s falling backwards and hoping someone will catch you. It’s making a leap of faith and hoping you’ll land safely. It’s that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when that one person you’re always around says something nice to you, it’s wanting someone to be happy, even if you aren’t part of that happiness. It’s like fighting a ranging inferno with only a fire extinguisher. It’s like trying to sail across an ocean in a pontoon boat. Love is the most wonderfully scary thing in the whole of creation. It’s the dawn to the dusk, the throne of a rose, the Catcher in the Rye to literature. Love is fantastic, wonderful, amazing, outstanding, extraordinary, scary, dangerous, frightening, and horrifying all at once while knowing that everything will actually be alright in the end because the Beatles were right, all you need is love. 

This is why writers constantly try to describe love, because it is such a human characteristic, well the way in which we love. The fact that a person can be deeply in love with their significant other, while at the same time having this unconditional love for a family member, friend, or even a pet. Humanity’s ability to love is what makes us so much different to the other animals on this planet. Yes, a dog can love, but can it love like a human? will a dog become the most dangerous being to ever be known when it loves? No, but a human will. a human that loves will go to extraordinary lengths for their loved ones. Because love is just that important to us. The greatest punishment to ever be bestowed upon a human isn’t death, it’s living without love. It’s being unloved, because a human that doesn’t know love, hasn’t truly lived, a human that has never been giving a hug by a loving parent or guardian can’t possibly know what it is like to be truly unconditionally happy just because. Yet at the same time a person who’s never experienced love can not truly feel pain or despair, or even pure unadulterated hatred. But alas, it brings us full circle. Perhaps the best way to describe love is this: It’s a double edged sword with a very small handle that is uncomfortable to hold after a while, but you don’t want to let go because it is the most valuable thing in your life and you’re more afraid of losing it then being hurt by it.  

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Love and Death have more in common then people actually realize. For one they both are sad. Love is sad because there is nothing more painful to a human than loving someone who doesn’t love you back. There is a true sadness of an unrequited love. A sadness and pain that doesn’t go away, that builds every time you see that person you love but doesn’t love you back. That will never love you back. It is truly a deep sorrow that is almost impossible to escape, and a sadness that all but consumes you. But love is also beautiful because there is nothing more magical than when two people are in love. There is nothing more beautiful then when two people realize that they need the other person in their life, that they truly found the person that completes them.
The same can be said about death. Death is obviously sad, a person leaves they mortal coil to never return and it is sad because we don’t know what is in store for us after we leave this plane of existence. Death is sad because it is for the most part an end to the only form of existence humans know of. But death is also beautiful. Death is beautiful because it is the most honest anyone will ever truly be. A person on their death bed has no need for lies or deceit, a person who is going to die has no need to hide their emotions. Death comes for everything in the end because sometimes beautiful things end up destroying.
Death and love are the two most honest things that any human can experience. If anyone ever tells you that neither are beautiful then they clearly have never experienced being in love or having someone close to them die.
T. James Capuano

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Do not fall in love
no one will catch you.
Love is stupid
love is full of pain and sorrow.
Do not fall in love
people will just laugh when your face hits the ground.
Love will drive you mad
love brings utter despair to your life.
Seriously, that shit fucking sucks
because you’ll never be able to quit.
Love is an addiction
Love is a drug
love is a this virus that consumes your whole body
it will devour you from the inside out.
It makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do.
It makes you become irrational for no reason.
Love is the worst possible thing to happen to a human.
love is wonderful,
love is magical,
love is fantastical,
love is terrible.
The thing about love is that 
it is everything that is good and bad about this world.
Do not fall in love.
And you wanna know why?
Because giving your whole heart to someone
is painful when they don’t give theirs.
Falling in love is painful.
Because you can’t control who you fall for,
trust me I tried!
Falling in love bites because sometimes you’re not loved back
Do not fall in love
because most times no one will catch you,
but when they do…
when they do, it is what makes love so wonderful.
Do not fall in love
because it’s so hard to find your way out.

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To fall in love is to pray to God that there will be someone to catch you when you falll. To fall in love is the greatest pain that anyone can experience, falling in love is the greatest and the worst thing that can ever happen to a human being, that’s why it’s so wonderful
T. James Capuano

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Nathaniel looked at her, his hazel eyes met her blue eyes. He felt a chill run down his back, his hands become clammy, his heart skipped a beat. Stella drew her head closer to his, he coudl smell her shapoo now, the sweet scent of starwberries and vanilla filled his nostals. Her hands touched his, he couldn’t think, couldn’t breath, he just sat there getting ever so closer to Stella. Her lip gloss sparkled. Then it happened, the one thing that Nathaniel ahd wanted since the age of 12 had finally happened, he finally got to kiss Stella Jophiel, the most beautiful girl in the world. It was like heaven, he tasted raspberry as their lips touched, he felt teh heat of her body against his, he only thought of one thing, ‘What do I do with my hands?’ It’s a strange thing, a person’s first kiss, it’s as if time stops, as if the two people locking lips are the only two people in the world, as romatic music starts playing out fo now where and you see fireworks. Nate felt his heart stopped when he kissed Stella, he felt as if teh butterflies within his stomatch where trying to fly out his throat, he prayed despartely that they wouldn’t. He felt hot and nervous and felt Stella’s hand grip his tighter, he felt like the luckiest boy in the world, and at that moment, at exactly 11:30pm on Saturday April 15 2006 he realized how he felt about Stella for the past four years. At exactly 11:30pm on Saturday April 15, 2006 he realized that he loved Stella Marie Jophiel. He realized that he was head over heels in love with the most beautiful, the smartest, the bravest, the strongest, the funniest, and the strongest girl he had ever known, Nate realized taht he was in love with Stella the first time he laid eyes upon her. He realized how stupid he had been four years ago to to see how smitten he was, how in love he was, how impossibly, hopelessly, utterly, and unequivocally in love he was with Stella. It frightened him, but it made him so happy as well.
The Knower Chronicles Vol IV: The Last of the Vampires(Chapter 20, Love and Death)

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To live is to die,
To speak is to lie,
To laugh is to cry,
See the world through my eye,
For happiness you need sorrow,
For ownership you need to borrow,
For today you need a tomorrow,
For love you need hate,
For that is truly fate,
To be early is to be late,
So never berate.

To live is to die,
To speak is to lie,
To laugh is to cry,
even a hello is a good-bye.
For joy you need pain,
Every journey is in vain,
Everyone has a chain,
For sunshine you need rain,
To leave is to arrive,
To have is to deprive,
in order to die, you’ll thrive,
just remember you won’t get out alive.

To live is to die,
To speak is to lie,
To laugh is to cry,
but there is only one truth,
and you don’t need to be a sleuth,
Treasure your youth,
for it ends in a flash,
even if you end in a fiery crash,
even if you get smashed,
even if you never make a splash,

You’ll live to die,
You’ll speak to lie,
You’ll laugh to cry.

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Life is a treasure, life is just this amazing gift that anyone is lucky to have, on top of that, they are even more lucky to be a human. Think about it, life truly is a miracle, out of the millions of galaxies in the ever expanding universe with billions of trillions stars and the millions of billions of planets, and infinite number of organisms taht might exist in just one universe you were born a human. You were born an unique person taht is totally unlike anything else. You were born from the fastest swimmer, you were born when the moment was right and two people came together. And even if they don’t love each other they still kept you, after the 9 months, after teh countless diapers, after the teaching to walk, talk and use the bathroom, after everything you are still here. You are a miracle, every single person is a miracle. Life doesn’t just happen, life is a higher power reaching down from the Heavens and creating something special, life is the most beautfiul thing in the whole of creation. Life is more beautiful than a sunset with a loved one, lif eis more beautiful than a rainbow after it rains, life is more beautiful than all teh stars, all the vistas, life is the most beautiful thing in the world and that is why you should never ever take it for granted. Life is love, life is laughing with close friends, life is sled riding down a hill after it snows, life is eating a fresh homemade bisket with fresh homemade jam, life is the sorrow, th pain, the joy, and the pleasure all wrapped in one. Life is the most amazing thing anyone can do, and it is easy to do, all you have to do is just be alive.
T. James Capuano

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You’re So Wonderful

When I dream it’s so wonderful
When I close my eyes it’s so magical,
When I sleep it’s so fantastical,
Just seeing your face.

When you smile it’s beautiful,
When you laugh it’s sensual,
When we kiss it’s sensational,
Just being with you.

I’ll tell the world you’re super cool,
I’ll let it know you’re never unbearable,
Earth will know that it rules,
Being next to you.

Every moment is magical,
Every thing you do is adorable,
I’m smitten because you’re beautiful,
Because awesome are you.

Everyone should know you’re wonderful,
Without you, it’s not tolerable,
Seeing you is magical,
Being next to you.

This poem is kinda cheesy,
but it will please me,
if you’d be super cool,
and say that it’s wonderful.

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