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I want more books and stories about the future Earth but not dystopias or space odysseies. I want books and movies and stories about how much our world and buildings and transportation has changed. I want more books that talk about a future that has super clean and bright stuff, but also has a dark and grungy maga city with towers that reach the clouds. I want a Tale of Two Cities that takes place in the future.

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Love and Death have more in common then people actually realize. For one they both are sad. Love is sad because there is nothing more painful to a human than loving someone who doesn’t love you back. There is a true sadness of an unrequited love. A sadness and pain that doesn’t go away, that builds every time you see that person you love but doesn’t love you back. That will never love you back. It is truly a deep sorrow that is almost impossible to escape, and a sadness that all but consumes you. But love is also beautiful because there is nothing more magical than when two people are in love. There is nothing more beautiful then when two people realize that they need the other person in their life, that they truly found the person that completes them.
The same can be said about death. Death is obviously sad, a person leaves they mortal coil to never return and it is sad because we don’t know what is in store for us after we leave this plane of existence. Death is sad because it is for the most part an end to the only form of existence humans know of. But death is also beautiful. Death is beautiful because it is the most honest anyone will ever truly be. A person on their death bed has no need for lies or deceit, a person who is going to die has no need to hide their emotions. Death comes for everything in the end because sometimes beautiful things end up destroying.
Death and love are the two most honest things that any human can experience. If anyone ever tells you that neither are beautiful then they clearly have never experienced being in love or having someone close to them die.
T. James Capuano

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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers

Nathaniel Spectre was always a normal kid, that was until his 13th birthday. Turns out he’s kind of a hero. Will he answer to the call of his destiny and save the world? Will defend the realm of humanity against the forces of evil like his forefathers? Or will he turn away and pretend that he can not save the world? The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers is the first book in a ten part fantasy series. The debut novel for young writer T. James Capuano looks to captivate its readers and bring them into the world it creates. It has adventure, love, an epic good vs. evil fight scene, and even witty repartee from loveable characters. This book may only be in its first draft but it will be good.

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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 15)

This is chapter 15 of my book. And This is my second attempt at posting this because Tumblr decided that it would want to crash when I was almost done. I had a really good summery here and I was really happy with it and everything, but Tumblr decided to be a dick, anyway read it below.


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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 14)

Below the break is chapter 14 of my book. At this point I’m assuming if you’re actually reading these you know the title of the book. If this is the first one you’re reading, um… you know there are other posts that you should probably read before this one right? Also I would like to point out that this is merely a first draft so if you seem a lot of typos and it just sucks please remember that I am still working on it and it is far from done. Anyway, please read this and all other chapters I post from my book all of which can be found on my blog. I hope you enjoy.


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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 13)

Below the break is chapter 13 of my book, The Knower Chornicles Vol I: The Knowers, things really start heating up for our trio of teenaged heroes. Nathaniel takes charge in this chapter and a ton of other stuff happen too. Please read it and let me know what you think.

Enjoy, Timmy Cap

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The Best Things In Life

The best things in life are impossible things made possible through the stories we read.
The best things in life are the improbable made probable through the movies we see.
The best things in life are the inconceivable made conceivable through the shows we see.
Impossible is impossible
Improbable is improbable
Inconceivable is inconceivable
As long as you can imagine.

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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Prologue - Chapter 11)

This is a link to every chapter of my book that I have put on my blog, it is only the first draft so there are probably mistakes and stuff missing. Feel free to read them at your leisure. The chapters and prologue are quite long so I do not recommend reading it all in one sitting. You can also find a link to every chapter on the “The Knowers” page on my blog.

Thanks, Timmy

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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 11)

Below is Chapter 11 of my book The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers. It has been a while since I posted a chapter on here mainly because I am lazy. Also because I just haven’t felt like sharing my writing with anyone recently, anyways this is long over due. This chapter is more character development and building the relationship between character than it is in really advancing the main plot of the story. once again it is just the first draft. Enjoy!


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