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Here’s to Adventure

This one goes out to all those wanting an adventure….

I once swam in a sea of clouds with birds the size of whales
I once watched a man paint the sunset with a paint brush
I once led Roman Legions in their conquest of Britannia
I once harnessed the energy from a super nova to power a planet
I once danced with Death upon the banks of Styks.
I once had dreams that came true.
I once explored new worlds in a ship made out of gold.
Tis wondrous the things I’ve seen, 
Tis fantastic the phantasms I’ve had.

For a fantastic phantasm is more than just a dream
Dreams are not dreams,
imagination spawns creation,
creation begets invention,
invention creates innovation,
innovation produces imagination,
imagination manufacturers dreams.

Tis our dreams that are the real adventures,
tis books that are doorways to other worlds,
tis our imagination that unlocks the door.

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There is truly magic in an imagination. What else can make the floor lave, a box an infinite possibly of things, write a story, or even whisk you away to magical places whilst playing? Imagination is, and always will be the most wonderfully fantastically magnificently brilliant part of being human, and as long as you have an imagination, you need nothing else.
Tim Capuano

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