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Chapter 15 is also when you realize just how much Ron and Hermione see Harry. They don’t just see him as their friend, they see him as a great wizard who is actually better then them both. They know he has been in these situations where it seems like he would have died and they know that he has what it takes to be a great wizard. 

Harry doesn’t want to believe it because he doesn’t believe in himself, he is modest, even though his luck and quick thinking got him through he doesn’t realize that, that is what it takes to defend yourself. It is because of everything that he has been through that makes him so good. 

And if it wasn’t for Hermione harry wouldn’t even of thought about it or even think that he wasn’t a good wizard. OoP is, for me, when Hermione really comes into her stride. She is showing how clever she really is and the boys are seeing just how much they need her.

(this is why I like to write and love HP.)

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