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30 Days of Mass Effect (Day 13)

Favorite Turian

Why is this even a question? Is there even more than one answer to it? Seriously when I think of the entire Turian race I do not think of a “good Turian” or any of the ones that work and live on the Citadel. I think of the coolest, most awesome, best calibrating, and most bad-ass Turian in the Mass Effect galaxy. I am of course referring to Garrus mother fucking Vakarian. If you played the games, then you just know how cool and awesome and how magnanimously unforgiving he can be.  And yes I know that that does not make any sense. You see, I see Male!Shep and Garrus as bros. They’ve been through shit together and they saved the entire galaxy twice and will do it again. I see Fem!Shep and Garrus as not lovers but friends with benefits, they fuck shit up then they fuck. I just like Garrus because he shows us that the best people in a species may not be “perfect” or “normal.” In fact Garrus even says that he is not a good Turian. Turians follow orders even if they are stupid and reckless Garrus has a very humanistic belief system.

You see, to me, Garrus seems to know what is the “right thing to do” and granted he may or may not do. Sure he became a vigilante who ended up having the galaxy’s most powerful mercenary gangs after him. And sure he quit C-Sec because he was tired of having to follow the rules because he is the “good guy.” Garrus doesn’t see himself as a good Turain, however I do. If you recall from when I talked about Saren, Saren was just looking to make the galaxy a better place and got lost a long the way. I see Garrus as trying to do the same thing. Only Garrus didn’t become brain washed by a really old genocidal machine, and he only kills criminals. But the point is, that to me the Turians’ militaristic nature allows them to want to protect the galaxy and Garrus is doing just that.

tomorrow: Favorite Asari 

This has been “30 Days of Mass Effect" According to Timmy Cap.

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