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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers

Nathaniel Spectre was always a normal kid, that was until his 13th birthday. Turns out he’s kind of a hero. Will he answer to the call of his destiny and save the world? Will defend the realm of humanity against the forces of evil like his forefathers? Or will he turn away and pretend that he can not save the world? The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers is the first book in a ten part fantasy series. The debut novel for young writer T. James Capuano looks to captivate its readers and bring them into the world it creates. It has adventure, love, an epic good vs. evil fight scene, and even witty repartee from loveable characters. This book may only be in its first draft but it will be good.

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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 15)

This is chapter 15 of my book. And This is my second attempt at posting this because Tumblr decided that it would want to crash when I was almost done. I had a really good summery here and I was really happy with it and everything, but Tumblr decided to be a dick, anyway read it below.


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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 14)

Below the break is chapter 14 of my book. At this point I’m assuming if you’re actually reading these you know the title of the book. If this is the first one you’re reading, um… you know there are other posts that you should probably read before this one right? Also I would like to point out that this is merely a first draft so if you seem a lot of typos and it just sucks please remember that I am still working on it and it is far from done. Anyway, please read this and all other chapters I post from my book all of which can be found on my blog. I hope you enjoy.


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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 13)

Below the break is chapter 13 of my book, The Knower Chornicles Vol I: The Knowers, things really start heating up for our trio of teenaged heroes. Nathaniel takes charge in this chapter and a ton of other stuff happen too. Please read it and let me know what you think.

Enjoy, Timmy Cap

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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Prologue - Chapter 11)

This is a link to every chapter of my book that I have put on my blog, it is only the first draft so there are probably mistakes and stuff missing. Feel free to read them at your leisure. The chapters and prologue are quite long so I do not recommend reading it all in one sitting. You can also find a link to every chapter on the “The Knowers” page on my blog.

Thanks, Timmy

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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 11)

Below is Chapter 11 of my book The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers. It has been a while since I posted a chapter on here mainly because I am lazy. Also because I just haven’t felt like sharing my writing with anyone recently, anyways this is long over due. This chapter is more character development and building the relationship between character than it is in really advancing the main plot of the story. once again it is just the first draft. Enjoy!


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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 9)

Below is Chapter 9 to my book, The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers. I was planning on uploading it yesterday because it was Halloween and the chapter title is “All Hallows Eve,” but today is just as good. Anyway, this should be the start of regular uploads of the book until I post every chapter. I suggest you go back and read the previous chapters because it’s been such a long time since I posted a chapter. This is a long post (about 14 word document pages single spaced). Without further adieu I present to you “Chapter 9: All Hallows Eve” of The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers 

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Update on my book(s) 10/31/12

As many of you know by now, I’ve finished writing the first draft of my bookThe Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers,in September and I made a promise of uploading the rest of the book on Tumblr for you all to read. I was actually planning on doing it today, but I forgot my flash drive at home. I didn’t realize this until half way to school and I wasn’t going to turn around just to get that. I will hopefully be able to do it sometime after 4:30pm EST, no promises. Also, I have started the writing process for the sequel,The Restless.I’ve done a basic outline, come up with chapter titles and started a basic story boarding, I’ve even writing the first paragraph of the prologue which I posted earlier today. I probably won’t go about actually writing the second book until I am done editing Vol I and making it as close to perfect as possible (which who knows when that will be.) Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know what is actually going on with the book series (even though yinz really don’t read it. and I don’t blame you at all, well kinda.)

I do plan on getting the whole of Volume I up on Tumblr soon just so you guys can get a glimpse of the book series, because really you are the target audience for the books. So this is me asking you to read the book/chapters when I post them and telling me what you think so I can better myself as a writer. I care about what you think andconstructivecriticism is welcomed.

Sorry for rambling on and on about books, be safe, and I hope you all have a wonder Halloween.

This has been a book update according to Timmy Cap

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Death is the only mystery humanity will never uncover, death is the only mystery humanity will never solve. For death is not simply the end of life, it is so much more, it is a complex state of being that occurs when a corporiel form finally gives way. Death, is a realm no living beings venture to and tell about afterwards. Death is, only the beginning. Humanity believes that there are only two states upon which a living being can exist, alive and dead, but this is so much furtehr from the truth. There is a state of being somewhere between alive and dead, somewhere in the dark abyss of the unknown upon which an imprint, a shadow of a former soul can exist. The thing is, death is not the end all be all, rather it is just another plain of existance. Death isn’t the fire going out, nor is it the end of the story, some times on rare occasions, with unusual circumstances it can be where the story begins…
The only paragraph ofThe Knower Chronicles Vol II: The Restless’s “Prologue: It Starts with a Death”

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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Prologue - Chapter 8)




Now that I have your attention, this is a promo for the first half of my book The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers. You can read from the prologue to chapter 8, that is half of my book!!!! Half of a book that isn’t even finished! Half of a supernatural fantasy book, if you loved Harry Potter you may like this book, if you like fantasy you’ll like this book, the series is just beginning, don’t you want to be the first people of a new fandom, don’t you want to be the pioneers for a brand new book series written by a person you follow, that you can say one day, “hey  I followed him on Tumblr way back when.” But you can’t become pioneers blazing trails for The Knower Chronicles if you don’t read the book, which is why I’m letting you all read the first half. Just think of it like you’re reading a fanfic without the sex and not from any existing fandom, and a bit longer. So please read, I’ve spend over a year written the book and it means a lot to me if you read it. Also any feed back you can give me would be great.

So click here to go to the index page for every chapter.

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