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30 Days of Video Games (Day 27)

Most epic game scene ever

Before I get into what you came for I just want to say how important this day is more me. Sure I am only 3 short days from finishing this project, but it is more than that. Today is actually a very important day for me. Today is my 21st birthday. I am kind of disappointed that day 21 didn’t fall here, or the last day, but all well. It actually brings me great joy that I get to write about something I love so much on my birthday, best present that I have ever gotten  myself. Weird part is don’t know how I’m going to celebrate my b-day. Anyway, time to talk about what you came here for. This is the era of photo-realistic, epic story lines, and great voice acting in video games. And most video games are basically an action movie, so of course there are epic game scenes in every game. From Mass Effect 2 where Shepard takes down a reaper with a heavy weapon to God of War III where Krotos stabs himself the sword of Olympus and you can see a huge hole in the middle of his body, from Halo 3 where Master Chief singlehandedly takes down a Scarab to Gears of War 2 where Delta Squad literately cuts their way out of a giant worm. Even the Call of Duty games are having pretty epic scenes, but when it comes down to it, I could only pick one scene as the most epic.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) not only has a great campaign but it epitomizes what it means to fight for your country, which brings me to my point, it has a pretty epic scene in it. So after the Russians find a way to invade the US boarders they naturally attack DC, but it gets better, an EMP goes off and it pretty much looks like the USA will fall to a hyper-nationalist Russian military. Que the epic scene: A burning Washington DC with the remainder of the US Forces in the DC area fighting for what few important buildings stand.  In my eyes nothing was more epic to me then when I saw what was left of the White House in the level “Whiskey Hotel.” Actually that is just one scene in a whole myriad of them. The reason why I find them so epic is not because it was a few Rangers/ Soldiers/Marines fighting a tank division and winning, but because it was a squad of US Rangers fighting an uphill battle against Russian bad guys in the DC area. This had two effects on me, 1, it reinforced my feelings and respect for the men and women for my country and how they pretty much put their lives on the line everyday, and 2, it made me want to kill the Bad Guys even more, sure, they are shooting at me and trying to kill me, but they also invaded my country and are killing my friends, NOT COOL! The game made me feel like I was in the movie Red Dawn a feeling further felt whilst playing the level “Wolverines!” Thus is why I picked MW2. Game developers want people to play their games and one way to do that is by making them emotional invested. I’m far more likely to retake Whiskey Hotel if it is at 1600 Pennsylvania Drive than if it was at 45 Farsi Way (Farsi is the official language of Afghanistan). Furthermore, the game made me feel like a hero for I played as a PFC who not only had to fight the Russians but evac civies out of the war-zone. So the reason it is the most epic scene is not because I played as the “Hero of the Galaxy,” “The God of War,” or any other notable hero, but because I played as a faceless (literately) unsung hero that choice to serve his country. I was a real hero in MW2, real heroes don’t need faces, or great lines, they just need a gun and the ability to fight for the country they love.


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30 days of Video Games (Day 18)

Who is my favorite protagonist in video games?

     This probably goes without saying by now, but video games are a prime example of when art, literature, and technology come together. And as previously stated in numerous articles, the writing in video games has morphed into, from my point of view, the primer source for quality writing now-a-days. That being said the amount of quality characters, heroes and villains, is almost infinite. And the ability to choose one as the ultimate hero is impossible, due mainly to the fact that every protagonist is just a re-creation, adaption, or based on the ultimate hero. Most protagonists in video games have one thing in common; they all are intrinsically driven to save the world/galaxy/the princess/themselves/or beat the boss. In fact most video games now in days have some sort of antihero as the protagonist, as well as a whole menagerie of supporting characters that help the protagonist on the hero’s journey. In fact one could argue, that besides, sports games and music playing games, video games are just a revisit at the hero’s journey a million times over. They all match the same formula yet are vastly different, that being said it time for me to get down to the nitty-gritty. Who is my favorite protagonist from video games?


Quite simply when it comes down to it my favorite protagonist form video games would have to be Soap MacTavish from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2. Why? Well, first off his name is Soap; I’m a sucker for bazaar names.  Furthermore, he is one of the few characters that is in both games and he is just the epitome of a bad-ass British SAS Capitan. In the first game you play as him as a new member of the SAS team lead by Capt. Price (who is a bad ass in his own right) after your team ends a terrorist plot the game ends with you shooting the bad guy right before you black out. But the second makes Soap an even bigger bad-ass; something that I didn’t know was possible. In the second game you play as an American soldier who is fighting the Russians in America, and you also start the game as Roach from Capt. MacTavish’s SAS squad. We get introduced to our beloved Soap again and we actually get to see what he looks like! He has a Mohawk and just look like an all-out bad-ass plus he has the most glorious Scottish accent ever!  But with the plot twist, that I will not reveal, because it is a total spoiler and I want everyone to actually play the game because it is one of the FPS’s that I’ve ever played, you become Soap again, and you fight along Capt. Price, a man thought dead in the game but really was just in a Russian Gulag. So after you and Price battle your way through an enemy camp and are about to kill the general who stabs Soap and almost kills him, leaving Price to fight the bad guy himself. Well, the game ends with Soap pulling the knife out of his chest and throwing it into the bad guy’s eye. Talk about bad-ass! Soap is just one of those guys that you love and I do, thus why he is my favorite protagonist.

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