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Timmy Cap’s thoughts about teenage pregnancy

I had a conversion with some one I follow today, and they were upset with how stupid our generation (13-30) is. I asked them why, and they said just stupid young mothers who think they are the smartest people in the world. I then made a joke about Teen Mom and other shows. She then said MTV was the problem. The following is what I said in response.

Well… it is one of many factors that is wrong with our society. In fact there are a plethora of factors that have slowly chipped away at the stigmata of teenage pregnancy. One main factor is the selling of sex. Since the 90s companies have poured millions of dollars into market research for our demographic. And guess what they found out? People between the ages of 15-25 are horny as hell. So, they created a female stereotype called the MIDRIFT, her job is to make guys associate a product with the pleasure centers of their mind, while girls want to be her because of the attention she gets for showing skin. However, the created a male stereotype called the JACKASS, he was a funny guy that does dumb shit that stupid teenage boys think is funny. And when Jackass and Brittany Spears became more popular more and more companies poured more money into targeting our age group. In fact since the 1950s when pretty much every one got a TV in their house companies have tried to market to children and teens on it. Before that it was movies, and before that it was magazines, and so on and so on. However, there are still more factors.

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I finally have six topics that I will discuss in the six part series about the problems affecting the video game industry.

The topics will include:

  • gender roles in video games
  • sexism
  • over the top violence
  • disinterest in new ideas and the focus on milking titles
  • the consolidation of development houses
  • The push towards online gaming and lose of focus on single player.

This will be a six week series, within each post I will talk about all of the aforementioned topics. I do not promise brevity, but I do promise well thought out articles about what are considered the “Six Biggest Problems in the Gaming Industry.” I can also promise that they all will make you think. So if you like video games and feel that there are indeed many problems facing the gaming industry please read them when they are posted. So instead of having to listen to some doctor of physiology who has never played a video game telling you what is wrong with video games listen to a gamer who loves video games but knows that there are problems. Would you rather listen to someone who hates video games because they saw one child play one game one time and they didn’t like what was on it or would you rather listen to a well educated gamer who has played video games for the majority of his life. 

I can even promise the occasionally joke and pop culture reference.

Timmy Cap Discuss: Problems in the Gaming Industry is part of all new content that will be seen on this blog come February 5th. Be sure to be prepared to have your mind blown.

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My Top 10 (Because I can’t just choose one)…NEW PROJECT

New Series that I am lunching. “But Tim you have a million ideas that you never finish, blah blah blah.” IT’S MY BLOG I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT! 

Now that the doubters are gone bare with me here, I know that gamers such as myself will like this. So we often see the Top 10 for sports and other stuff. Many gaming sites and magazines often have top 10 video games of all time and stuff like that. Well I decided it was my turn to give my biased opinion about video games every Wednesday. Yes I promise every Wednesday, some time between the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. Definitely closer to the evening hours (7ish EST?) 

But the jist of the new series is that I give you my top 10 whatever in video games, i.e. villains, heroes, side-kicks, couples, games, Easter eggs, bosses, boss battles, side quests, etc. Anything that can be made a top 10 in video games will probably be covered. Feel free to send me suggestions on what I should do and who I should include in the next one and why. Furthermore, I will be making a page on my blog just for these so you can go to one place to see them. Also any suggestions for names would be helpful, Top 10 is just… mah.  I am currently calling it My Top 10 (Because I Can’t Just Choose One)… but I want an easy abbreviation. Anyway if Tumblr doesn’t screw up this post and it actually is posted at 10 am EST the first My Top 10 (BICJCO) will be up around 2:30pm on the very day that this article was posted time permitting. 

My Top 10 (Because I Can’t Just Choose One) Couples in Video Games will be the debut article. 

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A Good Man Goes to War: the Doctor or the Last Centurion?

After reading a post by one of the people I follow (the-eleventh-blog) who posted a great theory about River Song, I realize that her theory makes so much sense. Thus why I reblogged it. 

I began to think about it further. Of course we all watched “A Good Man Goes to War.” And we all saw the Doctor soar higher than ever before and then we saw him sink down lower than ever before. We also found out who River Song really was. At first glace it seems just to be another title relating to the Doctor, but upon further investigation into the show “The Good Man” could be so much more.

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