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I have designed these geek-chic car emblems to resemble your stock vehicle model emblem (like, for instance, “Corolla” or “F-150”). Enjoy the puzzled and delighted looks of others as they wonder, “Hmm, what’s a Dodge Tardis? Have I seen an ad for that? It seems oddly familiar…”

I cast each piece in durable plastic from a custom silicone mold, paint them black and chrome, and apply all-weather double-sided tape to the back so it will stick permanently on the back of your car

- Empira (via etsy)

HAHAHA I want one!

(via browncoatsunite)

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Women: rather Perplexing, Rather Confusing, Rather Wonderful Creatures

what can I say about women?
A lot, but it’s rather rude.
women, women, women,
is any greater weakness for man?
this is where the exasperated sigh comes in.
Women, women, women,
what can I say about women?
I don’t understand them.
Do they like assholes or nice guys?
Do they like bad-boys or poster-boys?
Nerds or jocks? rich or poor?
Flowers or chocolate? 
Should I be a gentleman or not?
They seem to keep singles crossed.
Lines of communication blurred,
what language do they speak?
cause it’s not found on Earth.
Klingon? Twi’lick? High Gallifrian?
I just don’t understand.
21 years and I don’t understand!
Do they offer classes in girl-talk?
Is that what they do in Women’s Studies?
Women, women, women,
is there any greater creature?
I don’t know what to say about women,
really, the first time I’m ever speechless.
It’s like a confundius charm has hit my brain,
and turned it all gobbledygook with women.
I wonder what it’s like to understand them.
Greatest mystery there is.
I must admit, I do lack in wooing them so.
One doesn’t just court a lady now-a-days,
and there is always the possibility of the f-word,
on a terrible word that sends shivers when muttered. 
F-R-I-E-N-D, the FZ is no place to be.
So a girl I’m nice I’m just a friend,
a guy is a dick, she marries him.
Women, women, women,
will I ever understand them?
Do I want to? Yes.
I just will never ever understand,
maybe I’m just destined to stay single forever.
Oh God, that’ll suck, I’m dreading what my mom will say.
"Tim, why are you single? Are you gay?"
"No mom, women are just to complicated to worry about marriage."
"Maybe, you just aren’t smart enough to understand us."
"Albert Einstein didn’t understand women, so I won’t try."
Women, women, women,
why must they torment me so?
Because a good woman is worth all the trouble, they say.
But I’ve come to my own conclusion, and it’s rather rude.
Ladies reading this, I’m sorry, but I feel it true,
Women are bitches,
9 years of liking them has taught me that,
I think women collect balls,
they seem to be willing to rip my off.
But for as much as I complain about them,
I must admit, I’d hate to be without them.
Who else would I gawk at?
But seriously I’ll end on an upbeat mood,
man with out woman is a woeful man.
Men need women like, Gollum needed the Ring.
Perhaps one day I’ll understand them,
but I highly doubt it.

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Time and Space

I’m a Doctor Who fan, in case you didn’t know that already. But this post isn’t about a doctor in a blue box, this is about Space and time themselves. See, for the longest time I thought that time was a linear progression of cause and event that shaped the world around us thus leading us to this exact point in time to thus change further with every action we do. And in the three years of school as a history major I’ve been conditioned to think this way. History is in the past and has shaped our present which will shape our future, and the past, present and future are indeed part of time. But upon reading science fiction novels, watching sci-fi moves and TV shows I believe that time is non-linear.

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