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My thoughts so far on the Casual Vacancy

So for the past week I’m been reading The Casual Vacancy  in my free time and I’ve decided to let yinz know how it is.

The first thing you should know is that it is a complete 180 from all of the previous JK Rowling books, it was strange at first to read it and know that the same person that penned the Harry Potter books also penned this book. Secondly, JK wrote “flawed” characters, they are fleshed out and three dimensional, they all have good qualities and bad qualities and I still have no clue who I am really rooting for, (I’m still hoping for a happy ending but the way this book is going…). Third, the writing style is still pretty much the same, the long eloquent sentences that shows JK’s rather remarkable command of the English language as well as a plethora of British slag that I barely understand at times. She also uses local color brilliantly in this book. I can hear the cockney accents in my head when I read the dialogue, of course sometimes I have to read through it twice to make out words missing one or two letters. But what I really like about the book is the who JK was able to talk about literally a whole town and there problems via the means of one man’s death. Everyone in the book seemed to be connected to the man in some way or another and it is remarkable how well JK makes me fall in love with the characters even complete and utter assholes. It is a great book and even if I never read the Harry Potter books I’d still enjoy JK’s writing style and story telling. She finds a way to be third person omniscient throughout the whole book. We see the story from every angle, we know the thoughts of all the characters we know their motives, we have yet to find out all their secrets that they hind from even themselves. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a JK Rowling fan, or likes a good book that basically examines every angle of a small British town, and even political buffs would like it for the whole political theme running throughout the book that was sparked by the death of (from what I’m thinking) the main character. 

If you don’t mind swear words and sexually themes you’d enjoy the book.

8.5/10 stars so far (I have yet to finish it it, the score will probably go up)

This has been a book review according to Timmy Cap

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