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Book 5 and 6, when Ginny actually says more than “Hi Harry” or doesn’t just blush when she is around Harry.

We actually finally get to know who Ginny actually is.

Also, I am kinda amusing that they banged in the dormitory on weekends when everyone was out and about. Like they realize that everyone left Gryffondor tower so they run up to Harry’s bed, but Harry feels guilty at first because Ron’s bed is right next to him, but Ginny says it is okay as she smiles and kisses him, and she whispers in his ear that no one will know. So they have their tryst and no one knows, while at the same time Dean and Seamus find a broom closet to have their tryst, and when Dean and harry where gone in the 7th year. Seamus and Ginny were both devastated because the loves of their lives weren’t there and broke their hearts. They actually bonded over that year, not only because of the DA and rebelling against Snape, but because they could talk about the boys they loved. When Dean and Harry came back it is no wonder that Seamus hugged Dean and Ginny wanted her and Harry to have one of their lust filled trysts…

Dean and Seamus invited Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and all their closet friends to a very quite ceremony on the Irish coast at dusk. It was very beautiful and inspired Ginny and Harry’s wedding. Seamus and Dean are the god parents to Lily Luna. They are known as Uncles Seamus and Dean.

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