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My thoughts on Bill S.978 (US citizens please read)

If you live in the USA this may be something that you should read as it could effect everything you do on the internet. Have you heard about Bill S.978? Well according to multiple news sources it is a bill started in the Senate of the US that aims at “amending the criminal pentalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes.” This means that any US citizen could get up to 5 years in jail for having ANY copyrighted material in their videos for more than 10 times. 

Reports say that with the increasing popularity of live streaming internet such as Ustream and other websites that it is only a matter of time before people start streaming movies on said sites. Furthermore the bill also aims to creak-down on any internet videos that have copyright material in them. I am guessing they mean any video that did not ask for permission to use it, such as lyric videos or countless others. Personally if I watch a lyric video on YouTube that means I am just curious about the song’s lyrics and I want to read and listen to them at the same time, and if you read the video description you will see “NO INFRINGEMENT  INTENDED!!!!!” and YouTube always has a song recognizer that says what the song is and where to buy it on every video with any recorded song ever.  It even had one for “Friday.”

I am curious as to how my lovely government plans to enforce this law if it passes, and how are they trying to go after. Could this mean that no American YouTubers will have music in the background of their videos anymore? Does this mean that even if Strewburry19 gets rights to make a music video for a new artist she can still get in trouble for using the song? Does this mean that Johnny Paula can no longer do Movie Night were he reviews movies that he saw legally. Do this mean that he also can’t have his Game Time series in which he plays games and records it so we, his fans can watch it. What about HuskyStarcraft? Or BreakingLA with Ray William Johnson, he uses teh rapper Wax’s music as transitions, does this mean that even though Ray and Wax are friends and Ray gets Wax’s permission we will stop seeing these transitions, does this mean that the countless YouTubers that make cover videos of popular songs will have to stop? What does this mean?

Of course the Us government really isn’t saying anything, because that is what our government does, it spends time on these ridiculous laws that they can’t enforce because Hollywood has the biggest lobbyists instead of actually making laws that helps our country. I’m so glad that the education system takes a back seat to the needs of millionaires in new York and Los Angelos. 

Do they really think that Ustream and other live stream websites will allow people to start streaming movies, and if someone bought a DVD legal who are we to stop them from watching it with everyone? Furthermore, why do they need more money anyway? If you think about it, actors get paid lots of money to act in a TV show and networks just as much on prime Time ads alone. Furthermore, actors make even more in movies and the industry is a billion dollar industry. Want to know why snacks are so expensive at movie theaters? because the theater get such a small fraction of the profits form ticket sales that in order to make money they need to charge ridiculous prices on popcorn and other snacks just to operate in the black. 

I completely understand that movies cost lots of money to make and in order to make money, but instead of 5 dollars for every quarter spent how about 50 cents for every 25? Sure you will probably have to have smaller budgets, but you could make more movies per year due to the smaller budgets and ticket prices will be lowered which means that people will be more willing to go see a movie in theaters instead of a pirated one. 

And of course the music industry supports this bill, they are the worst affected by this, you guys watch internet videos, how often have you watched a video with a song in it that wasn’t credited to at the end? How often have you downloaded music illegally?

But quite frankly I think that this bill looks to kill the internet in the USA. And to kill the internet will be one of the biggest mistake that the US has every made, and we’ve made quite a few.

The internet is the go-to medium for anything now-a-days, we read news, watch movies and Tv shows, listen to music, talk about harry potter and Doctor Who, and get sneak peaks into the lives of real people on it. We can type in a few words and get a million different results about it, we can learn so many things from it, we can stay connected with friends and so much stuff, but if a bill passes that prevents copyrighted material from being posted on websites you will kill YouTube so fast, sure their will be YouTubers in other countries still ding what they do, many YouTube partners live in the USA and many of them get copyrighted material legally, the law doesn’t say anything about them, what is to prevent Big brother from jailing them for reviewing a movie that they asked the actually company to use?

If you think that I am just another pissed of whiny American you are wrong, as a social studies education major I have studied the American political system, and quite frankly, I feel that it sucks and we are doing so many things wrong. Considering that we just had a case about video games go to the supreme court it really shows were American politics’ priorities are. Do we really want to spend even more money trying to get every copyright infringing video off of the internet? Do you know how many videos that is going to be? Also, it’s not like you will put a stop to it, the US government can only “control” any internet traffic in the USA, but I guess they didn’t get the memo that there are other countries out there, nor do they understand that the FCC has no real authority on TV let alone the internet. 

So any Americans out there read the bill listed below in the first link and let’s try to get it turned down for it’s complete stupidity. Also if you decide to write to your senator feel free to mention better ways for them to do their jobs, they should listen to you, they do work for you, kinda funny how they work for us but they tell us what do do.

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She’s my baby

She’s my baby,

She’s my cherry pie,

She’s my lady,

oh, I can not lie,

When I think about her I feel joy,

When I think about her I am happy,

She makes me feel like a boy

When she’s around I never feel crappy.

She’s my baby,

She’s my sugar pie,

She’s my lady,

Oh I can not lie.

She makes me feel on top of the world,

She light’s up my sky,

I love her hair so curled,

She makes me feel like a lucky guy.

She’s my baby,

She’s my cherry pie,

She’s my lady,

Oh, I can not lie.

She completes me,

Her beauty is unsurpassed,

with her I only want to be,

Being with her is such a blast.

She’s my baby,

she’s my sugar pie,

she’s my lady,

Oh I can not lie

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My Top 10 (Because I can’t just choose one) disappointments in video games.

So this week isn’t going to be a top ten. It is going to be more of a 10 worst things in video game history, i.e. disappointments. It’s been roughly 40 years since the first video games came about and in that time the industry has been chalk full of disappointments, from game systems, games to ever characters. So this week I present to you my top 10 disappointments in video games.

1.) Slippery Toad (Starfox)

I absolutely hate this character. Like down to my very soul I wish he was real so I could find him and punch him in the face. He is perhaps the worse character to ever come out of video games. And he is probably one of the most useless too. “Do a barrel roll it’s super effective!” I kinda realized that the first time I did one pal, and furthermore, if you didn’t suck at dog fighting I wouldn’t have to fight off so many guys BY MYSELF! The only reason Nintendo gives for Slippery Toad’s existence on StarFox’s squad was because he is a skilled mechanic. If that is true they why the hell is he dog fighting and always flying in front of me preventing me from killing dudes? Words can not describe how I feel about Slippery Toad.

2.) Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords


The sad part is that this had so much potential to be just as good as the first game. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad game, nor the story was bad, it was just that being the squeal to the 2003 game of the year one expects it to be just as good as said game of the year, but it wasn’t, not even close. It was perhaps the saddest moment in my life when I played it and realized how I didn’t find any satisfaction in the game. I love Star Wars and video games, and it is my dream to be a Jedi, but I just feel that KOTORII didn’t deliver. It is a disappointment because it just wasn’t as good as the first game, and that is highly unacceptable.

3.) Tony Hawk’s Ride


I… I… sigh, I have no words to say about this game. I think the picture speaks for itself. It is by far the worse game in the entire series. And the series has been going downhill since THUG, (American Wasteland was an exception) I just don’t see why I would want to play the game like this.  I play Tony Hawk games to do sick moves that I could never do in real life, when I play with a fake plastic board that can break easily, I just don’t feel the need to play the game. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a more inclusive game play, but a fake skateboard is not how to go about it.

4.) GoldenEye (2010)

Yes, that says GoldenEye, and no I did not get the year or the picture wrong. There is nothing worse than recycling material to get a few bucks, expect for selling said material on a horrible system and changing Bond to look like Daniel Craig, an inferior bond if I might add. I just can’t get over the fact that they would completely change the game that revolutionized FPS’s Bond fans and gamers everywhere screamed in horror when they played this game.

5.) Dante’s Inferno 


So basing a game off of a great literary work isn’t anything new, and has so much potential to be great, but there is basing a game off of it and then there is taking a three part story (the Divine Comedy) about going through Hell Purgatory and Heaven to find a true love who has died and served as political satire during it’s time and then there’s turning one of the best books I have ever read into a run-of0the-mill hack and slash! Dante was not a warrior, but what did they do? They made him kill demon after demon on his way through hell. They made it seem like his girlfriend was kidnapped and that he had to fight off endless hoards of Hell-spawn. There is creative liberty and interpretation, and then there is not even reading the boo and doing whatever the hell you want in hopes to sell as many copies as possible from both gamers and fans of the book.

6.) Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)


Hey look another game! And it happens to be a remake of a highly successful franchise from the 90s. Why was this game a disappointment? Have you played the game? I think I’ll keep my month shut on this one.

7.) the wait for Half-Life 2: Episode 3

Um… yeah, is the wait killing anyone else? But seriously Valve sometime before my non-existent kids have their kids. You promised us, and we wait. You are the Doctor and we are Amelia Pond. 

8.) Duke Nukem Forever

So you’ve been working on a game for about 15 or so years. And fans of the series have been waiting to play this game, and now they have kids. And you finally release your game and you find that you haven’t seen as good as sales figures as you should have why is that? Probably do for the fact that your game has the dated graphics from 15 years ago and in 2011 people really want photo-realistic or some or of stylized from. Oh and the fact that since you’ve been developing the game with a main character who happens to be a womanizing asshole, there has been a movement to actually have equal opportunity in video games, i.e. female characters. That is why Duke Nukem is a disappointment.

9.) Preordering to get better stuff

This, to me, is a big disappointment. So Preorder a game and get exclusive content so when you play on-line you can have an extra advantage to everyone else. Yes, let’s award people how don’t have to choose between food shopping or a new video game. Some of us just want to play games to their fullest but can’t because we didn’t pre-order it because we had to pay for tuition. Furthermore, the fact that game companies expand even further on the games. Don’t get me wrong, some of the DLC is good, but must we get a new map pack for Call of Duty every month? And what about gamers that don’t have Xbox Live Gold? How can we play the new missions for ME2? In my eyes this is a disappointing part of the video game industry.

10.) the Wii

To clarify, I do not hate the Wii, I just feel that it could have and should have been so much better.  It went from “revolutionary” to “oh that’s cute.” And it’s only now that Nintendo is finally addressing the problems with it. The Wii has fun games, but if it wasn’t for Wii Sports would the sales be as high? The problem is, and this is why it is disappointing, that “serious gamers” don’t see that Wii as a “serious system.” People that want to play Call of duty, Halo, Assassin’s Creed, and Mass Effect are not going to but the Wii. The Wii is more party novelty than game system. Sure it’s great for parties, but no matter the amount of frat parties that has a Wii, will not make up for the fact that Top Selling franchises are not going to make Wii games. 

Next week: top 10 stories in video games.

That my friends is my top 10 (because I can’t just choose one) disappointments in video games. If you don’t agree with me, I ask box is always open, if you want to help with next week my ask box is always open. See you next Wednesday!

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My Top 10 (Because I can’t just choose one) saddest moments in video games

Every gamer knows that video games can trigger your emotions. Many can be purely happy and care-free moments, while others still can be so sad and melancholy. Because I feel that video games are the epitome of great writing in modern entertainment I feel that many video games have so many memorable moments. Furthermore, video games often times find themselves with so many sad moments. I feel that there are far more sad moments in video games then happy ones. Whether your favorite character dies, or whether it be something else. That is why this week’s My Top 10 (Because I can’t just choose one)… is about my top 10 saddest moments in video games in no particular order.

1.  The Death of John Marson (Red Dead Redemption)

I find this scene one of the saddest in the game. But from a Rockstar game what do we expect? And it’s a western, so naturally there is going to be a sad moment. But what makes it so sad is the fact that it comes rather unexpected. After John finally saves his family and things look up the US Army lead by the US Marshalls attack his ranch. To make matters worse it comes in apart of the game that makes you think that you can survive. You enter dead-eye and you try to kill as many soldiers as possible but no matter what you do John dies. I find this sad because you spend the whole game fighting to your family back, and at the end you die. Typical Western.

2. the Death of James (Fallout 3)

Yet another death! And of course it is a father1 Not only is it your character’s father, but it’s your father who you spend half the game looking for. The same guy that you escape from the vault from to find. The same guy that raised you by himself your whole life. And how does the game repay you for your hard work? It has the man give his life to save his only child in hopes that you will follow in his dream and save the Wasteland. I got so upset when our Liam Neelson voiced character gave his life in the Jefferson Memorial. and you ahve to stand there and watch him die!

3. Maria’s Death (Gears of War 2)

Perhaps one of the saddest moments I’ve ever bared witness to. A joyous reunion followed by a tough choice by Dom. Can he kill the only woman he’s ever loved or let her live in a horrible life of torment? Dom must kill Maria, she is so far gone, that she doesn’t even recognize him. But the sadness does not lay in maria’s death. it lays in Dom’s life. For now Dom must live the rest of his days without his children and his wife, and he must live with the fact that he had to kill his wife so she wouldn’t suffer anymore. Dom has to live with the fact tat he will never see his family again. Dom has to be strong, but the fact that he spent the first game and half of the second game just looking for her, just to have her taken away from him again is probably one of the worst feelings anyone can ever feel. Plus out of all of the characters, I loved Dom the most, he was the most realistic. We knew why he was fighting, but now he lost everything, that is truly sad.

4. Aeris’s death (Final Fantasy 7)

I have never really been a Final Fantasy fan, but I know sadness when I see it, and this scene is sad. It is so sudden too. She looks up and smiles at Cloud and all of a sudden Sephiroth appears out of nowhere and impales her with his sword. You come so far with her and then suddenly she’s go in a blink of an eye, it’s so sad and Cloud must sit there and watch it.

5. Roach’s and Ghost’s Death (Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2

so, it’s a war game in which many people die, and it’s not uncommon for main character’s in video games to die. But it’s the why they died that makes it sad. My two favorite characters in MW2 die, and it’s from being betrayed! Not only did it bring me to tears, but it made me so angry, that I just wanted to punch my younger brother who was siting next to me at the time, I wasn’t going to punch my Xbox or injury my hand.

6. Kaidan’s Death or Ashley’s on Virmire (Mass Effect)

So yeah, This one is sort of a double whammy. when I play video games I get very attached to the characters so when i have to choose between who lives or dies I can’t, but nothing was sadder than having to choose between Kaidan and Ashley, how can I? But I did. I actually killed Kaidan more times than Ashley, mainly because I wanted to expand the love interest with Ashley, get renegade points or just wanted Shepard to lose his/her best friend. Kaiden was by far my favorite human NPC in Mass Effect and one of my favorite squad members. So when the time to kill him came I was so sad when I had to pick one to save. I killed Kaiden because I felt it made the story better by killing off the lovable one. either way, it was still sad when Ashley died too.

7. Eli’s Death (Half Life 2: Episode 2)

Hey look another death, so this is a melancholy article today. Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that Eli’s death in Half Life 2: Episode 2 is sad. Because, like most deaths in video games, it is unexpected. I have never experienced it first hand, mainly because Half Life 2 is so freaking hard that I have yet to finish it, but everyone I’ve talked to and all the online videos of it make it seem really sad.

8. Slippery Toad (StarFox)

Slippery Toad is on the list for the saddest moment in video games because the moment that Nintendo created him was a sad day for video games. Also I am running out of sad moments and I really hate Slippery Toad! 

9. Martin’s Death (Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion)

Words cannot describe how I felt when I saw Martin turn himself into Akstock in order to destroy the evil that was trying to take over Tameriil. I cried, mainly because I wanted to fight the boss myself, and I was a vampire the first time I beat the game and after he broke the roof off of the temple it was daytime and I was slowly dying, but also because he was a cool dude, and I spent the game closing Oblivion gates to see him on the throne only to have everything I worked for taken away. I cried because the 60+ hours I spent in the game went down the drain because Martin wanted to save all of Tameriil and not care that I just wanted their to be an emperor, especially since I hated that Lord whatever-his-name-is who become the Steward of the Empire. 

10. Knights of the Old Republic II

It wasn’t made by Bioware, it wasn’t as good as the first one, and the gameplay could have been better, thus why it’s so sad, Oh and the story could have been better.

Well, that is my top 10 (kinda) saddest moments in video games. Sorry i got it up late, but real life got in the way. If you don’t like the list be sure to tell me, i enjoy the feed back, furthermore if you want to help me back these weekly top 10s be sure to send me suggestions in my ask box.

Next week, biggest disappointments in video games. Hopefully this will be better than this week’s.

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Alien Ant Farm

30 Days of Music, Day 7: A song that reminds me of a certain event.

I picked “Movies” by Alien Ant Farm. This song reminds me of a school dance. probably because the first time I heard it was in grade school at a dance. It also is one of my favorite songs ever. I just hear and i am taken back to those shy times of standing along the wall with my friends listening to the music and making fun of the people who were dancing and saying that we were too cool, but really we wanted to dance with a girl, but we were too shy to even remotely think about it. This song takes me back to a time when music was mostly good and Lady Gaga and Ke$ha didn’t rule the airways. ANThology was a great album and Alien Ant Farm was a great band. “Movies” reminded me this.

"Movies" by Alien Ant Farm from the album ANThology, runtime: 3:17 minutes, downloadable from iTunes and Amazon

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My Top 10 (Because I can’t just choose one) Couples in Video Games

Like most gamers I have my favorite whatevers in video games. And like most gamers I can’t just choose my favorite one. I present to you my top 10 couples in video games in no particular order.

1 - Link and Zelda (The Legend of Zelda series)  

It’s the hero of Time and the princess of Hyrule, what isn’t to love about them. They both have been in pretty much every Zelda game since the very first one, and we’ve seen them both as adults, kids, adults again, and kids once more. They have known each other all their lives and even though Link and Zelda and never really kissed in the game, you can tell that there is love there. Why else would you run all over Hyrule and so many places just to rescue someone? They love each other and yo can see it.

2 - Mario and Princess Peach (Every Mario game)

Mario and Peach, the story itself has been told over and over again. A working class hero embarks on a journey to save the princess. Mario is loved by all and Peach is the princess he saves in every game. Once again he goes back to the why would you save the same person over and over again? Mario loves Peach, and although they really haven’t shared too many kisses in game it is assumed that they have a relationship. Mario is always in the castle and he is the hero of the Mushroom kingdom. Furthermore it is elevating the man of simple origins to do great things. Such a great man and woman make such a good couple.

3 - Master Chief and Cortana (Halo series)

Perhaps one of the most peculiar couples in video games history. But it works. Cortana and Chief probably have one of the most honest and true relationships in video games. Sure, he’s a biologically engineered super-soldier and the last of his kind. And Cortana is the most advanced AI that humanity has and she too is the only one of her kind. But what really makes this couple so lovable is that they just play off of each other so well. Whilst playing the games one will notice their dynamic relationship. They often times flirt with each other. I do feel though that if she was real Cortana and Chief would get married. She picked him! Because he is the best. They just seem so good together. He doesn’t treat her like a computer program, he treats her like a person and she even acts like it. She sacrificed herself to save Chief, and he even went into a downed Flood ship to go save her. They care for each other even though they are so different.

4 - Dom and Maria Santigo (Gears of War series)


True love truly knows no bounds. Dom and Maria and a prime example of this. Sure, we rarely see Maria in the games, but we know that Dom is looking for her and will do anything for the woman he loves. In fact the search for Maria drives Dom for the first two games. But unlike other couples who search for their kidnapped princess and finds her to live happily ever after their story isn’t as sweet. SPOILERS AHEAD: If you haven’t played Gears of War yet not only I suggest that you do, but I recommend not reading the the following sentence, it contains spoilers for GoW2. So around the beginning of the third act of Gears 2, Marcus and Dom are in the Locust nest and they are going from site to site seeing if anyone is in an of the torture/prison cells. Lo and behold the finally find Maria, of course Dom is enthralled with finally finding his high school sweet heart, but things become sour grapes when Dom, Marcus and the player find out that Maria doesn’t recognize Dom and seems like she had gone crazy from all the torture. Dom, being crestfallen, had to make a choice, this is one of the saddest moments I ever experienced in video games. Dom kills her, he doesn’t want her to live her life with such horrible memories, and I almost cried when Dom and Maria said their final good-byes.

5 - Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance (Half-Life 2, HF2: episode 1, episode 2)


When I think of sexual tension I think of these two. Gordon, the hero of the Black Mesa indecent and MIT graduate who spent 20 years in stasis, and Alyx, the daughter of Gordon’s best friend and freedom fighter are a match made in heaven. They both are smart and strong willed. They’ve shared countless adventures and Gordon even has to rescue Alyx at least once. Even though they don’t show it or say it (blame Gordon’s apparent muteness with everyone) they belong together. As you play Half-Life 2 and the subsequent episodes following it you can see that their “love” for each other grows and that maybe one day after the world is safe they will finally settle down and have the smartest, most athletic, and genuinely good children ever.

6 - Jak and Daxter (Jak and Daxter series)

Okay, so they’re not a couple as in the others above, but they are true besties that would go to hell and back for each other. They fought off countless enemies together and have an outstanding rapport. They know what they want from each other and know what to expect. They’re funny and they were in good games.

7 - the Mario bros (nearly every Mario game)

Yeah, they’re brothers, yeah Mario is the hero and Luigi is the younger brother that often tags along, but they are still brothers. No matter what happens Mario will always has his brother. Luigi even went into a hunted Mansion to look for his older brother who went missing. I have brothers and I completely understand the dynamic here. Sure everyone loves Mario and don’t really pay attention to Luigi who seems to be living in his brother’s shadow, but in any game where they have both been in it, (besides Smash brothers or any Sports game) they have always been there for each other. They are brothers and family always comes first.

8 - Lucy and Desmond (Assassin’s Creed series)

Lucy and Desmond, now this truly is a good couple. She saved him and in turn he started helping her. From the moment you meet her you see how kind and caring she is, then when Assassin’s Creed II takes place you see how deadly and dangerous she can be. Their love for each other has been ever evolving since the first game. Desmond is nice to her and cares about her, and that hug that they shared, Oh Boy! Did anyone else feel the sparks between them? They don’t get the most screen time out of their games like most couples, but the time that they share (mostly cut scenes) is filled with tender scenes of them wanting to like each other, but knowing that the Templars could strike at any moment. Only time will tell if Lucy and Desmond will actually be together.

9 - Donkey and Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong games)

How can you not love best friends that happen to apes that wear clothing and have human mannerisms? Thus why I love these two. sure Diddy was the Tails to DK’s Sonic but unlike Tails Diddy Kong didn’t get in the way nor die every five seconds in the games. Diddy Kong was a great side kick for Donkey and they seemed always celebrate together after finishing a stage in Donkey Kong County. They made me love that game.

10 - Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man (Pac-man, Ms. Pac-man)

So they haven’t really been in games together, but they are married. And they have a television show, and they were the first family of video games. What more could you ask for. We don’t need to see them together, we know that they love each other, and that is good enough. It’s Ms. Pac-man for a reason, they are married and they must be happy if they haven’t gotten divorced. They are the oldest and one of the best couples in video games

Honorable mentions: Racket and Clank, John and Abigail Marson, Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher.

Your favorite couple didn’t make the list? Well, to make sure you’re happy with the next list be sure to send me a message about who you want.

Next week: Top 10 saddest moments in video games (no particular order) 

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My Top 10 (Because I can’t just choose one)…NEW PROJECT

New Series that I am lunching. “But Tim you have a million ideas that you never finish, blah blah blah.” IT’S MY BLOG I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT! 

Now that the doubters are gone bare with me here, I know that gamers such as myself will like this. So we often see the Top 10 for sports and other stuff. Many gaming sites and magazines often have top 10 video games of all time and stuff like that. Well I decided it was my turn to give my biased opinion about video games every Wednesday. Yes I promise every Wednesday, some time between the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. Definitely closer to the evening hours (7ish EST?) 

But the jist of the new series is that I give you my top 10 whatever in video games, i.e. villains, heroes, side-kicks, couples, games, Easter eggs, bosses, boss battles, side quests, etc. Anything that can be made a top 10 in video games will probably be covered. Feel free to send me suggestions on what I should do and who I should include in the next one and why. Furthermore, I will be making a page on my blog just for these so you can go to one place to see them. Also any suggestions for names would be helpful, Top 10 is just… mah.  I am currently calling it My Top 10 (Because I Can’t Just Choose One)… but I want an easy abbreviation. Anyway if Tumblr doesn’t screw up this post and it actually is posted at 10 am EST the first My Top 10 (BICJCO) will be up around 2:30pm on the very day that this article was posted time permitting. 

My Top 10 (Because I Can’t Just Choose One) Couples in Video Games will be the debut article. 

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30 Days of Music (Intro)

Music is one of the oldest forms of expression that there is. Ever since man discovered that they can make a sound when two objects are hit together. Music has come along way from drum circles and now music is in every other form of entertainment, from television and movies, to even video games. Music can make you happy, music can make you cry. Music can psych you up and music can calm you down. Music is one of the most magical forms of expression out there.

So since I can no longer think of stuff to write about or anything really is coming to mind I’ve decided to do another 30 day challenge. This one is 30 days of music. I’ve decided that since I love music and since I love to write, they two would go together very nicely. I hope that i will actually do this everyday. I also plan to have the song available for you to listen to in the post, along with why I like the song, why I chose it and what it means to me. 

The following is the list of everything i shall talk about for the next 30 days:

Day 1 - my favorite song

Day 2 - my least favorite song

Day 3 - a song that makes me happy

Day 4 - a song that makes me sad

Day 5 - A song that reminds me of someone

Day 6 - a song that reminds me of somewhere

Day 7 - a song that reminds me of a certain event

Day 8 - a song that I know all the worlds to

Day 9 - a song that I can dance to

Day 10 - a song that makes me fall asleep

Day 11 - a song from my favorite band/singer

Day 12 - a song from a band/singer I hate

Day 13 - a song that is a guilty pleasure

Day 14 - a song that no one would expect me to love

Day 15 - a song that describes me

Day 16 - a song that I used to love but now hate

Day 17 - a song I hear often on the radio

Day 18 - a song I wish I heard on the radio

Day 19 - a song from my favorite album

Day 20 - a song that I listen to when I’m angry

Day 21 - a song that I listen to when I’m happy

Day 22 - a song that I listen to when I’m sad

Day 23 - a song that i want to play at my wedding

Day 24 - a song I want to play at my funeral

Day 25 - a song that makes me laugh

Day 26 - a song that I wish I don’t know any of the words to but listen to religiously

Day 27 - a song  wish I could play

Day 28 - a song that makes me feel guilty

Day 29 - a song from my childhood

Day 30 - my favorite song at this time last year

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Mass Effect 3 is going to be the best game ever.

The following is an article that I am submitting to an online gaming website in hopes to get my work out there which, I hope can open doors for me, let me know what you think please 

Read more …

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You Have A Dragon’s Breath… That’s a Compliment where I Come From

I don’t know why it took me till now to finally write about a long awaited Bethesda Software game, nor do I know why no one asked why I haven’t written about it (thanks guys), but let’s face it Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is going to be epic! There is so much stuff jammed into this game I have no clue as to where to begin about this game.

I guess I’ll start will the obvious: Effing Dragons Bro! For the first time in the Elder Scrolls series dragons are in the game. Not only are they in the game, but they are a huge part of the game. Because your character is dragon Born, when you kill a dragon, and you’ll kill a dragon, you absorb the soul, which can lead you being about to use spells called shouts, which can do things like breathing fire, slowing down time, to summoning a storm to hit your enemies with lightning bolts, to even summoning dragons to help you. But it gets so much better than that. The dragons are also not scripted, i.e. they can do whatever they want to do in the game, they will attack anything and no two experiences will be the same.   

Bethesda has completely re-tooled the game, they have the game running on anew engine, and it looks so beautiful. And unlike the last RPG Bethesda gave us, this one has color, oh the color, and a 16 square mile world, with 5 major cities, horses (no horse armor yet), 25 hand-crafted dungeons, and 300 hours of game play. Yes 300 hours, 300 hours of Skyrim! According to several interviews linked below there are also jobs that can be worked and you can work them and even contribute or destroy the economy, (corner the lumber market anyone?)

Even the leveling up system is different from Oblivion, for example they’ve axed attributes, and you now can choice which perk you get when you level up. Furthermore, you no longer pick your class at the beginning of the game. As you play the game, depending on what you do your skills will go up. Let using magic, magicka increases, like sneaking and killing via stealth, sneak increases, like running into battle and just kicking ass, combat skills increase. They have also revamped the combat for Skyrim. 

Always wanted to duel weld swords or powers? Or any one hand weapon in the game? No you can. In fact if you have the same power in both hands and press both triggers at the same time it will be more powerful. And they have added finishing moves, each creature and weapon and skill level will be different.

Not only is leveling up simpler, but it just looks better, the perk trees look like constellations and as you level up and pick your perks you create a custom constellation for your character. Even the items menu looks better. 3D views of every object with immense detail on EVERYTHING, and you can now cook food. 

Quite simply Skyrim looks amazing and I just can’t wait for this game to come out. Yes, I know that this isn’t the best written post, but words can not describe how good this game is, thus why I linked videos to three gameplay and interview videos and the trailer. I can’t wait to play this game on 11-11-11. And I will probably be MIA for the next 300 hours after that.

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The History of Video Games (Part 1 Arcade games to Pong)

I’ve decided to combined two of my favorite things, history and video games. Throughout this series, probably 5 parts I will be taking an in-depth look at video games, from the very first arcade games of the 1970s to the impossibly wonderful consoles that inhabit nearly every home in the Western World. I will try to make this as witty and funny as possible but no guarantees. I do promise that you will learn a lot and that this maybe rather long. So if want to know the history of video games please continue.

The History of Video Games Part One, Arcade Games to Pong

(Note: Information stated in following post is gathered from multiple sources via the internet, I do not claim to know the history of video games, I just did the leg work to gather information about it. All sources will be sited at the end.) 

Read more …

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Pittsburgh, the City of Champions… and the Pirates

For those of you that don’t know me (everyone on Tumblr) I am a Pittsburgher. I have lived most of my life in or around the Pittsburgh area, I love the Steelers, Penguins, and even the Pirates. I love the incline, Pitt football and basketball and the Strip District. Furthermore, anyone that has ever been to Pittsburgh and has eaten a Primanti’s sandwich will tell you that they are the best thing on God’s green Earth. But this post isn’t about Pittsburgh and everything black and gold, this is about the Pittsburgh Pirates. If you follow baseball then you know that the Pirates (Buccos as us locals call them) are well… sub pair when it comes to winning. But something weird has been happening, the Pirates are 30-31. Yeah yeah I know a losing season, but considering it’s June and it’s the Pirates that is a great record, in fact it’s the best since 2005. And the next few games are against the Mets so the Pirates could see dare I say, have a winning record (knocks on wood). Just imagine it a 33-31 record! I mean a man could have a heart attack if he saw that. I wonder what it would be like if the Buccos did actually get above .500, will the world end? Will man find the meaning of life? Will I finally stop being single and find that perfect girl? Probably not (I hope the last one though…ladies). But what will happen is that Pittsburghers might have a renewed faith in the Pirates, and the Pirates may actually keep the good players so they can keep winning and then they could… Oh the thought is almost unimaginable… finish .500 or even, even, even above .500! (mini heart attack) That would be, that would be better than a Primanti’s sandwich, yes that good. For once in my life words can’t describe how I would feel. I suppose if the pirates finish with a .500 record I would feel like:


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