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The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers (Chapter 15)

This is chapter 15 of my book. And This is my second attempt at posting this because Tumblr decided that it would want to crash when I was almost done. I had a really good summery here and I was really happy with it and everything, but Tumblr decided to be a dick, anyway read it below.


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I don’t like uh oh, not one bit. Uh oh’s are never good. Never ever good. I’ve never heard an uh oh followed by something good. It’s always ‘Uh oh I lost the map,’ ‘Uh oh we ran out of gas,’ or ‘Uh oh I’m locked out,’ it is never ‘Uh oh I have candy’ or ‘Uh oh here’s cheesecake.’ Uh oh’s suck.
Jimmy Piccoli (The Knower Chronicles Vol I: The Knowers) Chapter 15, “The Phantasm of Young Master Spectre”

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Chapter 15 title:

"The Phantasm of Mr. Spectre"

It is absolutely perfect for chapter 15, not only does it sum up the entire chapter in a short sentence, but the shear fact that phantasm and spectre (specter) mean almost the same thing and are often used as synonyms makes it an even better chapter title.

When you write, sometimes you just get these moments when you can’t actually believe that something so witty, so wonderfully amazing has just come from you, and this my friends is one of those times.

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Have you ever wondered why so many people are afraid of the dark? The night is when you hear creepy noises, the night is when, as a human, you are the most vulnerable, the night is for hunting. Is it no wonder why throughout human mythology and legends the most dreadful, vile and fearful things have been born at night, of shadows, of darkness? Is it no wonder why the most fearsome of beings hunt at night? Humans can’t see in the dark, and thusly so it is perhaps the most mysterious part of being human. People aren’t scared of the dark for irrational reasons, they are scared of it because they don’t know what will happen. It is much like Death.
Balthazar Burchard (The Knower Chronicles Vol II: The Restless, Chapter 15, “Things That Go Bump in the Night”)

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