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FOX NEWS Mass Effect Sex Debate

Why didn’t I see this back in 2007 when Mass Effect came out? Just the shear fact that the people against the game and video games have no clue what they are talking about is hilarious. Video games do not cause violent children and for the”desensitizing them to violence.”  What about the news that only shows murders and crime? what about TV shows that show gruesome crime scenes? what about movies that show war and other violence? And even if any of those things could actually effect who a child becomes it would probably be every other form of entertainment before video games. And the game didn’t have “full nudity.” There was only side boob, and it was nothing more than what you see in an R rated movie, and maybe even less. 

I hate the previous generation sometimes for not fully understanding what a video game is. A video game isn’t something that little children play with. Video games are art, just like TV, movies, books, music, or paintings. And just like TV and movies, video games tell a story. Some are of an Italian plumber trying to rescue a princess from an evil dinosaur, and some are stories of a great ancient evil in the form of hyper advanced sapient robots that want to destroy all advanced organic life. People are quick to forget about the great things that video games have and only look at the negative. Yes there is a sex scene in the game, but it is optional. And it serves more of a purpose than those in movies do. It shows that Shepard has/had/will have something to fight for and shows his/her humanity. Just like any of the dialogue leading up to that point shows that Shepard actually cares about the said person and that it could be love. The sex scene shows how much the couple cares for each other, i.e. what sex is actually for. Maybe it is just be, but I didn’t find the sex scene a big deal, not because I am desensitized to sex, because I’m not, but I just feel that it wasn’t tasteless, the way it was done was the way any movie would have done it, and it wasn’t as if it was just thrown in there as an after thought. It was placed at the beginning of the final act when everyone knew that they could die. It is supposed to represent how much is on the line for Shepard. It is not just in there to get publicity or to be “controversial.” Anyway, that is just my rant for the day.

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    ok…what is so dangerous about seeing naked aliens? (and there actually aren’t any naked aliens…I checked…with Garrus :D)...
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    I remember the day this came on, I almost threw my remote at my TV. I hate when people rip into Video Games, Music,...
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    People are fucktards.
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    Final thought: “It’s tough being a parent.” Thanks for that news flash, FOX.
  6. kettlebaron said: Ahahah, I remember that that woman actually apologized afterward, when someone showed her exactly what was in the game. Ah, informed news, that’s what FOX is about! xP
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    Why didn’t I see this back in 2007 when Mass Effect came out? Just the shear fact that the people against the game and...
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    Dear Lord people are idiots. Its not full nudity, nor is it explicit or the center of the game.
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