The World According to...

I've learned many things, mostly from television, movies, and video games. But that counts... right?

About Me

So the above picture is my gorgeous mug, not the best looking guy, but still good enough for me to enjoy looking at everyday in the mirror. I am a man that is easy to please. Give me a video game, a TV or a movie and I’ll pass the time with it. But what I really enjoy is writing. It doesn’t really matter what it is, from a short poem to a long novel I enjoy putting pen to paper and letting the verbose words flow onto the paper like water through a valley.  

I have few hobbies, mostly writing, playing video games, and watching TV and movies. I guess you could say that i like the indoors, but I do enjoy the outdoors. In fact when i was still in high school I use to be in pretty good shape, but now my shape is like a pear. Some people have called me a nerd on many occasions, and quite frankly I can’t disagree with them. I play any video game, I read Sci-Fi and fantasy, and I’m a Whovian, so what of it? If I can’t be myself then who can I really be?  But where others see a nerd, I see still knowing how to live. 

I enjoy being me, but at the same time I know that I will have to change someday. Be it today, tomorrow, or some day down the line. I guess I probably am I nerd though. i just like geeky things really, personally I think it’s rather normal to know the Green Lateran’s oath, or have a very heated debate about whether or not Han Solo shot first. Or even spending hours talking about how good the children programming was in the 90s.

By all accounts I am a straight male, but I am very accepting of all sexualities. Who am I to judge? The point of being human is to like whoever you like, whether or heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, or omnisexual it is your own right to like who ever you want. But personally I like women, very very much.

I suppose that i should end this now, I feel that I have told you enough about me, and that you were probably not expecting something like this in an About me, any way I thank you for reading this and feel free to ask me anything I will be happy to answer any questions, or even talk to you. 

I still can’t believe you read this.